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Women between freedom and enslavement

Women between freedom and enslavement

More than ever the planet desires showing emotion intelligent, humanity targeted, and heart woke up girls leaders that play a crucial role within the evolution of human consciousness and within the direction the planet we tend to all share is taking.

With Brexit, the Syrian refugee crisis, and the rise of unprecedented extremism, nationalism, fascism, phobias, antisemitism, Islamophobia, etc, it is essential to have conscious women leaders who like James Bond, can overcome the toughest challenges presented to them and from the ashes rise triumphantly like a phoenix.

Many of us grew up with superheroes like James Bond, Captain America, Jean Luke Pickard, Superman, Wonder woman, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Oprah being our hero's that we aspire to become.

The time has come for us all to do our part and awaken the hero within, to take action, be engaged, and have our say in the global crisis that in one form or another impact every human being.

I grew up in the ghettos of a small town called Gostivar in western Macedonia at times where daily I saw women being abused, judged and had very little human rights. As I began to travel around the world, I realized, rather like my mother, sisters, cousins, and different girls I knew back reception, lots of girls still be treated badly.

As a kid, I knew I used to be totally different, I felt the pain, the judgment, and therefore the loneliness and therefore the abuse that my mother and different girls endured. Ever since I needed to try to to one thing concerning it, this sense to assist girls globally followed Maine through my entire life, and it's what additionally galvanized Maine to be WHO I'm these days and in my latest book compose a world drawback we tend to all share-loneliness.

Most you may have heard about the extraordinary work that mother Theresa did around the world. What has changed? Not much, we still experience global segregation in an era that is technologically advanced yet many feeling extremely lonely in their hearts.

To address the global problems such as famine, inequality, job losses, war, climate change, sustainability, etc, I believe more conscious women are required in order for humanity to find the solutions to the global problems that are on the rise.

Women have an important role in building a more just, equal, and harmonious society, and in directing the course of the planet we all live, share, and call home.

My mother, together with my dad, fought for educating, empowering, and supporting my sisters to be free of religious and political dogmas that imprisoned women, treated them as non-equals, and enslaved them. Today, I still support their mission by carrying this torch of light that my parent kindled in me.

Through my day-to-day coaching, healing, and speaking engagements I help many amazing women from all professions and background to step up into their true power, their hearts intelligence, and aid them create, build, and grow iconic businesses, products, and most of all an inner wisdom required to be conscious, healthy and wealthy leaders.

As overtly homo, I do know from first-hand expertise what it appears like to diverge, to not work the box that somebody else created for you, and to not change to social expectations.

Millions of women around the world still continue to endure mental, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. If we tend to are to alter the course of the long run that we tend to all need, then we tend to all got to do our half in helping girls grow into lovely goddesses UN agency with their wings of affection, compassion, and understanding will embrace the darkness old globally and switch it into lightweight that shine's humanity's path to an improved future.

Many people who I have met on my path at some point in their lives they all felt the pain of being rejected, abandoned, and alone in a world where we come to express our true magnificent being that is infinite in our abilities to create and destroy life.

Throughout my life, starting from my mum, sisters, friends, work colleagues, teachers, healers, and many amazing women who crossed my path, they have helped on my journey to better myself and become who I am today.

Some of them were nominated for the "Global Woman of the Year Award 2017" organized by Mirela Sula who founded Migrant and Global Women with a mission which aims to address the following questions:

1. How can women come together and become leaders in building and empowering their communities?

2. How can men help in building a new paradigm for women as an equal and influential force in society?

3. How can we bring together the most successful leaders from around the globe and redefine the pathways to power and diversity in businesses and communities?

Mirela, along with her mission and also the vision for world girl is that the James Bond of our trendy time. She is the Wonderwoman who helps girls globally step into their true power.

As a supporter of women, Todor and I joined Mirela and many amazing women for this once a year event that honours the extraordinary work women do at the Global Women Magazine grand gala dinner held on the 25th March 2017 where they presented the awards for the best cover stories and the ultimate "Global Women of the Year".

Reading this text you recognize that you are the agent for modification, love, peace, and equality. Make sure you take daily action, connect with other people who share a similar vision, and keep investing in your greatest asset-you.